Changing the functional fashion game.


Leim is a labour of love.

It’s our founder’s (Hetty) love note to the greatest, most versatile piece of clothing in everyone’s wardrobe. Leim has just made it even better.


“I love jumpsuits. I wear them all the time but it infuriates me that I have to take the whole thing off when I need to pee.

It’s not about nudity, necessarily (but it’s cool if that’s why you feel you need one).

But the toilet at work is freezing, I don’t want to take my clothes off every time I need the loo.

I don’t want to be out at drinks and need to pee but the door of the only clean-ish toilet doesn’t lock so I’m holding the door closed with one hand and my jumpsuit out of the floor puddle with the other and also trying to relax enough to pee whilst I’m trying to hover over the bowl. So annoying.

That’s how Leim started. With a frustration that no-one has managed to solve yet.”


Sustainable, ethical jumpsuits

Leim aims to not contribute to the environmental and social issues already caused by the fashion industry. Fabrics and materials will be natural or recycled where absolutely possible. Manufacturing will take place in the UK to reduce carbon emissions and to monitor welfare standards. You can find out more information about both materials and manufacturing processes here.