the sisterhood ezp™ jumpsuit in ivory linen


join the ezp™ revolution with our sisterhood jumpsuit in beautifully creamy ivory linen.

this jumpsuit is now available for pre-order - contact us for more info.


Additional Info

this jumpsuit was named after the 2005 film “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” - when I tried the very first sample on my friends (as a wow- isn’t this exciting, this is a jumpsuit you don’t need to take off when you go to the toilet), even though we’re all different shapes and sizes, it looked amazing on everyone. And so the name was born!

the sisterhood has a fitted top (bodice in the industry, but we’re not victorian ladies are we?) with 2 adjustable straps that you can either cross or wear straight. attach these straps to the waistband (which is also adjustable) with Corozo nut buttons.

it features a slightly cropped trouser leg but for tall folks there’s enough hem to be let down - get in touch if you think you might need this.

the sisterhood ezp™ jumpsuit is made from European linen, one of the most sustainable fabrics, as it requires less water and pesticides to grow.

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